Abigail Yentis At The Crate
to Nov 19

Abigail Yentis At The Crate

Selection of works by Yentis will be on show from the 19.09.18 - 19.10.18 at the Crate Brewery

“I've decided to do all new material for the solo show at Crate, I’ve chosen to focus on a very personal matter and expand it into a much larger concept. My exhibition will be all within the theme of a non-9-5 lifestyle, with the title "No 9-5, ALIVE", consisting of an abstract impressionist approach to portrait painting depicting the unique personalities of people that I have met who have proved intriguing/inspiring. Whether it’s being self-employed; owning a unique brand, a creative in the arts; artist, musician, actress, they all have one thing in common- they do not live a 9-5 routine. As well as paintings, each piece will have a small interview so that we get to know the subject and their story better.”

The white building, Unit 7 Queen's Yard, London E9 5EN

RSVP at ayentisart@gmail.com to confirm attendance

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